Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. The angels wept tonight


More adventures from my cousin’s English workbook. She didn’t tell me that the booklet was supposed to correspond to this book. So now I’m looking over it and it is even more amazing than the booklet. This is the best phantom adaptation ever.

It tells everyone that Christine didn’t like the phantom’s “evil soul” about 3 times so you can understand how commas work, it tells us that wanting Christine all to yourself has the same usage as “I want the room all to myself.” It gives Erik a Leroux head. Christine kisses the phantom on the face, the phantom has a magical voice- 3 pages described the whole musical.

But the best part: The phantom’s mother named him “phantom.” I am not lying. Look at the first pic I uploaded omg. This is beautiful.

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//Is it sad that I can recognize Phantom masks and not have to actually see them wearing it to know?

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"I am the Trap-door lover!" ~vanishes through a trap-door in a puff of red smoke~

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//Erik likes Chinese water torture

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drip. drip. drip.

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1. You follow her without her knowing
2. You listen in on her conversations
3. You serenade her
4. You get jealous when she’s with other men
5. You propose to her

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icErik and Raoul are both guilty of all of these

//Is it sad that I can recognize Phantom masks and not have to actually see them wearing it to know?


Another day, another phic review! This one is different from the past three. Why, you might ask. It’s a contemporary au! Yes! I don’t have to guess to what the clothing looks like.

Anyways. Today’s book is No Return by Christine Pope.

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I’m hopelessly devoted to hugh

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